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Lesson 2-5: ジャックと豆の木 / Jack and the Beanstalk

Japanese Graded Readers: Fairy Tales and Short Stories with Read-aloud Method

Lesson 2-5: ジャックとまめ / Jack and the Beanstalk

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Japanese Script


English Translation

Jack arrived on the sky earlier than before. Jack looked for that woman, but couldn’t find her. The door of the castle was open. When Jack entered the castle, the giant was talking with a bird. “Make a golden egg,” the giant said. Then, the bird made a golden egg. The bird was able to make golden eggs. The giant made the bird make three golden eggs. Then, the giant went to the bathroom. During that time, Jack tried to take a golden egg. But, this time, Jack was found by the giant. The giant tried to catch Jack. Jack ran away in a hurry. The giant ran very hard, too.


Words Types Meanings
よりも expression  expressing comparison like “than”
さが u-verb to search, to look for
つける ru-verb to discover, to find, to come across, to detect 
u-verb to open
つく u-verb to make, to produce, to manufacture, to build 
トイレ noun  toilet, bathroom, restroom 
こん adverbial noun now, this time, next time, another time 
つかまえる ru-verb to catch, to arrest, to seize
いっしょう懸命けんめい na-adjective, adverbial noun very hard, with utmost effort, with all one’s might


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