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Lesson 3-6: ツルの恩返し / The Crane of Gratitude

Japanese Graded Readers: Fairy Tales and Short Stories with Read-aloud Method

Lesson 3-6: ツルの恩返おんがえし / The Crane of Gratitude

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Japanese Script


English Translation

The man couldn’t say anything. “I’m the crane who received the meal from you. That day, you prepared the meal for me and I was really glad with that. So, I came to this house to do something for you. However, I was found that I was a crane, so I cannot be here any longer,” the woman said, and then she return to the crane body and left the house. “Wait. Wait,” the man said to the woman, but she didn’t reply. After the woman left, the man realized that he did heartless things to her. Since then, the man was waiting for her to come back every day. However, the woman never came back his house.


Words Types Meanings
もらう u-verb  to receive, to take, to accept
よう noun, suru verb  preparation, arrangements, getting ready 
だから conjunction  so, therefore 
れい  noun thanks, gratitude
もどる  u-verb  to return, to go back 
u-verb to wait 
へん  noun, suru verb reply, answer, response 
ひどい i-adjective  cruel, heartless, hard, harsh 
二度にど adverb never again (with negative verb) 


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