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Lesson 4-2: 注文の多い料理店 / The Restaurant That Has Many Orders

Japanese Graded Readers: Fairy Tales and Short Stories with Read-aloud Method

Lesson 4-2: ちゅうもんおおりょうてん / The Restaurant That Has Many Orders

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English Translation

“We have got a problem. It’s cold and I am also hungry.” “I want to eat something, too. If it becomes night, we’re going to die.” While they were talking about such things, they found a restaurant named WILDCAT RESTAURANT. “This sounds good. Let’s get inside.” “But, it’s strange that there is a restaurant even in the mountain, isn’t it?” “Don’t worry. Come on. I’m already hungry and I feel I’m going to die.” “Yeah, I want to take a rest in a warm room, too.“ When they tried to open the door, they found that something was written on the door;

“Welcome. Feel free to come in.”

They were glad. “Amazing! It’s a tough day, we have been walking a lot, but we can eat a meal without paying money at night.” “You are right. “Feel free” must be “For free”, mustn’t it?”


Words Types Meanings
 …し expression expressing one (of several reasons) 
しまう  expression  expressing unexpected or unintentional results
山猫やまねこ noun  wildcat
なか noun inside, in 
はいる  u-verb  to enter, to go into 
…そうだ expression expressing “appearing that”, “seeming that”, “looking like” 
…ようとする expression  expressing “try to…” or “attempt to…” 
遠慮えんりょ noun, suru verb  reserve, constraint, restraint, modesty, hesitation 
タダ noun  free of charge 


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