Instantaneous Composition Method

How to Proceed with the Instantaneous Composition Method


The idea of the Instantaneous Composition Method comes from a training method for interpreters: Reproduction, which is also called Consecutive Repeating or Quick Response. As you may know, interpreters are required to speak two languages interactively. Therefore, they are trained to recognize equivalent phrases in two languages in order to speak them effortlessly. This process is what we will utilize to acquire your second language. The effect has already been proven. Let’s give it a try.

Japanese Lessons: Instantaneous Composition Method

This method requires you to instantaneously compose sentences using target Japanese sentence patterns over and over, so you will be very familiar with them and be able to use them almost effortlessly. Namely, you can converse with others. That is the main effect of the Instantaneous Composition Method.

Learning Materials

We have prepared exercises with intentionally simple vocabulary and structures in order for you to focus on your target Japanese sentence patterns. You may feel the sentences are too easy, however, that’s what we have intended. The purpose here is to have a complete command of Japanese sentence patterns, not just to know them. Therefore, it is best to learn them with very simple examples.

Is Kato-san a teacher? => Yes, and Nomura-san is also a teacher.
とうさんは先生せんせいですか? => はい、それとむらさんも先生せんせいです。

The above example is  for the target grammar, the Japanese particles: 「は」 「も」 「が」. An exercise consists of an English script and a hidden Japanese script. If you move your cursor to a black section, a Japanese script will appear. For more details, you can find all the exercises at the following link.

General Process

Learning CycleThe basic concept is ‘repetition.’ We have prepared our materials with 67 sentence patterns and divided them into three segments. Please complete each segment, one by one. Then, try to tackle the whole thing again as a final review. If you feel that the segments are too long, you may sub-divide them by yourself.

Step 1 Compose Japanese Sentences

You create and read out an equivalent Japanese sentence, soon after looking at an English script. Please note: this is NOT a translation exercise. Thus, you don’t have to answer in a certain time. Regarding an English script as a ‘trigger,’ you reflexively create an equivalent sentence. This should not take more than a few seconds. If you have difficulty creating a sentence, don’t hesitate to check the Japanese script (step 2). While you are proceeding with these Japanese lessons, you will be able to manage it.

Step 2 Check Japanese Scripts

You go over what you have composed with a Japanese script. If you were unable to do it and need clarification even after checking the script, please review how the target sentence pattern works by referring to your dictionary or guidebooks. In this method, a proper understanding is very important because what you have composed here will be what you will speak in conversation. Therefore, even if you thought your composition was perfect, please carefully go over it with a Japanese script (for example, to check whether all particles were correct).

Step 3 Quick Review

Before moving to the next exercise, you read a Japanese script out loud a few times. This should be done while it’s hidden, and again while not hidden. This short practice has a great effect on building your speaking ability. Please make sure to read both with and without a Japanese script. Then, after you have finished all exercises, you can proceed with step 4.

Step 4 All at Once, Compose Japanese Sentences

Each sentence pattern has approximately ten exercises. You compose equivalent sentences again, all at once. Please make sure you don’t have to think about the answers. As if a reflexive action, you compose and read them out instantaneously. If you couldn’t compose some of them, please go back to step 3 and review them. Then, when you can compose all of them all at once, you have completed a target sentence pattern and can move to the next.

Step 5 Repetition of Cycle

After you have finished all of the sentence patterns in the first segment, please go back to the beginning and deal with the first sentence pattern again. Starting with the second cycle, you only need to do step 4: “All at Once, Compose Japanese Sentences.” When you have difficulty, go back to step 3: “Quick Review.”

You may feel that this repetition is dull. However, you will certainly recognize your improvement while proceeding with these Japanese lessons. Thus, you may find this repetition rather enjoyable. When you are at the fourth or fifth cycle, you will be able to compose sentences smoothly. But, please don’t stop repeating the cycles. By taking one more step forward, you will be immersed in the sentence patterns and be able to master them. The ideal number of repetitions is approximately ten. After that, please move to the second segment.

Step 6 Tackle All of the Materials

After you have finished all of the segments, please try to tackle all of the materials. Like the above, you only need to do step 4: “All at Once, Compose Japanese Sentences.” When you could compose every sentence all at once, you have completed the Instantaneous Composition Method. Congratulations!


How to Utilize Audio Files

We have prepared audio files for each script. You can utilize them not only for learning natural pronunciations, but also for repeating the cycles. The audio files are designed as follows:

1. English script 2. Pause 3. Japanese Script

Thus, when you get used to composing sentences with visual information, you may try to do it with auditory information, like this: after listening to an English script, you create and speak an equivalent Japanese sentence out loud during a pause. Then, you check whether it is correct with an incoming Japanese script. This can be more difficult. We recommend you try it after you have become able to smoothly compose sentences with visual information.


We don’t think that a fun way to learn a language is to watch a funny tutorial video or to read manga with easy vocabulary. We think that the most fun is to recognize your improvement. The Instantaneous Composition Method is really specialized for improving speaking ability and responsiveness, which are visible effects. After completing this method, you will be able to converse with others much more smoothly than before if you follow the aforementioned steps correctly. Please enjoy and improve yourself.

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Recommended Links

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