Instantaneous Composition Method

Japanese Grammar: Expressing Multiple Reasons, Actions or States 「し」「…たりする」

Expressing Multiple Reasons, Actions or States

Before starting the exercise for expressing multiple reasons, actions or states 「し」「…たりする」, please clarify any doubts you may have about the grammatical rules by referring to your grammar guidebook or dictionary. The Instantaneous Composition Method requires you to compose sentences with the target sentence pattern(s) over and over in order to use them almost effortlessly. You should already have the necessary knowledge.

Genki I and II – Lesson 11: ~たり~たりする and Lesson 12: ~し
Tae Kim’s Guide – Compound Sentences

Instantaneous Composition Exercise for Expressing Multiple Reasons, Actions or States 「し」「…たりする」

This is not a translation exercise. This is the Instantaneous Composition Exercise. As if a reflexive action, try to create an equivalent Japanese sentence shortly after reading an English script. Try not to think for more than three seconds.

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English and Hidden Japanese Scripts

 1.  Why did (you) buy that book? => Because (it’s) famous and cheap (among other things).
どうしてそのほんったんですか? => 有名ゆうめいだし、やすいからです。
 2.  Why did (you) buy that bicycle? => Because (it’s) useful and necessary (among other things).
どうしてその転車てんしゃったんですか? => 便べんだし、必要ひつようだからです。
 3.  Why do (you) like tomatoes? => Because (they’re) sweet and delicious (among other things).
どうしてトマトがきなんですか? => あまいし、美味おいしいからです。
 4.  Why do (you) dislike Shimizu-san? => Because (he) often cries and gets angry (among other things).
どうしてみずさんがきらいなんですか? => よくくし、おこるからです。


 5.  Why are (you) always energetic? => Because (I) sometimes run and swim (among other things).
どうしていつもげんなんですか? => ときどきはしるし、およぐからです。
 6.  (I will) do things like watching movies and reading books (among other things) tomorrow. 
 7.  (I) do things like studying and running (among other things) on my days off.
 8.  (I) don’t do things like eating and drinking (among other things) in the mornings.
 9.  Japanese is sometimes easy, sometimes difficult (and other times something else).
 10.  School is sometimes fun, sometimes not fun.

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