Instantaneous Composition Method

Japanese Grammar: Expressing Permission 「…てもいい (May)」

Japanese Grammar: てもいい

Before starting the exercise for expressing permission 「…てもいい (May)」, please clarify any doubts you may have about the grammatical rules by referring to your grammar guidebook or dictionary. The Instantaneous Composition Method requires you to compose sentences with the target sentence pattern(s) over and over in order to use them almost effortlessly. You should already have the necessary knowledge.

Genki I – Lesson 6: ~てもいい / ~てはいけません
Tae Kim’s Guide – Expressing “must” or “have to” (last part)

Instantaneous Composition Exercise for Expressing Permission 「…てもいい (May)」

This is not a translation exercise. This is the Instantaneous Composition Exercise. As if a reflexive action, try to create an equivalent Japanese sentence shortly after reading an English script. Try not to think for more than three seconds.

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English and Hidden Japanese Scripts

 1.  May (I) take a photo?
 2.  May (I) sit (here)? => Yes, go ahead.
すわってもいいですか? => はい、どうぞ。
 3.  May (I) drink this green tea? => Sure.
このおちゃんでもいいですか? => もちろん。
 4.  May (I) ask (you) a question? => (I’m) sorry. (Explanatory) (I’m) busy now.
質問しつもんしてもいいですか? => すみません、いまいそがしいんです。


 5.  May (I) go home? => Sorry, not now.
いえかえってもいいですか? => すみません、いまはだめです。
 6.  (You) may take a rest.
 7.  (You) may eat (it) all.
 8.  (You) may take off (your) jacket.
 9.  (You) may not practice Japanese every day.
 10.  (You) may not come in the morning. 


People customarily add the sentence-ending particle: よ when they give permission.

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