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Japanese Lessons: Learn Japanese Native Expressions with Manga 1-1-3

Manga: Give My Regards to Black Jack

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Japanese Lessons 1-1-3 けんしゅうよる / Night of the Intern

A scene in Give My Regards to Black Jack

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Japanese Script with English Translation


“We’re prepared to accept the patient! The ambulance will be here in 10 minutes!” ” Doctor, please hurry to the operating room!” “I got it, okay?!” “Uhm, hello? Is Mr. Ushida-” “Hey-hey! You’ve reached the Ushida residence. If you-” “Mr. Ushida, please wake up! This is an emergency! We may have to operate!” “Dammit!!” “Doctor! The ambulance is here!” “His internal organs have ruptured.”

One Point Lesson: Japanese Expressions

After this sentence, 「もしもし、うし先生せんせいのおたくで…」, he was supposed to continue with something like 「しょうか?」, which is a polite form of 「ですか?」.


“I cannot come to the phone right. Please leave a message after the beep.” “That… doctor… what’s going on…?” “He’s not coming back.” “Shit… the director isn’t home either. I can’t do it… His liver is ruptured and there’s a hole somewhere in his digestive tract… I’ve… I’ve never done this kind of major operation before… What am I going to do…? He’s going to die… I just can’t do it… ”


One Point Lesson: Japanese Vocabulary

「かしら」 is mostly used by women nowadays. The origin is 「~からん」. It can be translated as “I wonder” as well.


“Director…” “I got a call from the head nurse…”


“So this is where you were… Dr. Saito.” “Uhm, uh… How’s the patient?” “Why didn’t you operate? If you just ignore him, he’s going to die. And if he’s got to die, you might as well cut his abdomen open…” “Because… If I screw up, then I’m a murderer” “It’s better than doing nothing. You were just going to let that patient die without even trying help…” ”No!! It’s the hospital’s fault for leaving an intern like me here alone all night! If you don’t have enough doctors, you shouldn’t even accept any patients! But all you care about is money, right!?” “So? We’re saving people’s lives. What’s wrong with overcharging for it? What does me taking someone’s money… and you not operating on that patient have anything to do with each other? You’re a doctor… whether you’re new or inexperienced, to the patient, you’re still a doctor. You think that if you screw up the operation, you’re a murderer? When it comes down to it, it’s that patient’s fault for causing the accident in the first place. Do the operations no matter what. Don’t give me any more of your fancy philosophical arguments. Being right just means being weak. Being strong… means being wrong. Since the moment you got your medical license, you stopped being a normal person. You’re a doctor. Be strong.”

One Point Lesson: Japanese Vocabulary

There is a word; 「一人前いちにんまえ」 which means “experienced” or “fully trained”. This kanji; 「はん」 means “half”, or “50%”. Therefore, 「半人前はんにんまえ」 means “inexperienced” or “half trained”.


“Hey, what’s up? Eiroku grad!” “Mr. Ushida…” “Sorry about last night… I got so drunk I didn’t even notice your phone call. What? You depressed again?” “A long time ago… I argued with what the director was doing too… The way you’re doing things is wrong. Hospitals aren’t a tool for making money. Do you know? That’s what I told him… I still think he’s wrong… but, you know what? Just trying to satisfy yourself by being right isn’t going to change anything. The truth is… that man is saving people’s lives…” “You’re okay! Hiroshi, you’re really okay!” “What the hell…? What does it even mean to be a doctor..?”

One Point Lesson: Japanese Expressions

The grammatically correct sentence is 「オレもいんちょうにかみついたことがあるんだよ。」. However, by arranging the objective in the last sentence, he makes his speech more lively and expressive.

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