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Manga: Give My Regards to Black Jack

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Japanese Lessons with Manga 2-7-1 信頼しんらい Trust

A scene in Give My Regards to Black Jack

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Japanese Script with Furigana and English Translation


How? How could we have let this happen…?


“That patient came to us too late.” “The heart-lung machine was a little off today, too. Besides, the patient’s veins were weak as it is.” “Stop a man’s heart for that long, of course he’ll die… Your incompetence is what killed this patient. Isn’t that right, doctor?” “With advanced cardiopathy, he was already a dead man. You should be grateful I went to all the effort to operate.” “Stop it! What are you doing, Kita!?”

One Point Lesson: Japanese Vocabulary

肉体労働にくたいろうどう」 means “physical labor” and this is sometimes used for negative expressions or making an irony like the person in the manga saying even a professor like me did the surgery (physical labor).



20 years ago, I went abroad, disappointed by Japan’s medicine. King’s Hospital, Australia. I began training with professor mills, a world authority on cardiac.


“H-h-hello… My n-name is… Saburo Kita.”


This is it! I’ll bring real medicine back to Japan!


First one in. Let’s see how the patients are doing!


“G-Good morning!” “How are you feeling, ma’am? Not too well? Let’s check your blood pressure.” “Professor Mills? Are you always the first one here?” “I’m the highest-ranked person at this hospital. For me, the patients come first– and so I come early.”


This is different…! I can learn something here! From morning till night, 5 intense days a week… Days devoted entirely to performing surgeries. With my poor English, I couldn’t make excuses for my inexperience. So I confronted myself instead: How can I do this faster? How can I suture more accurately? How…? How?”


One Point Lesson: Japanese Vocabulary

「みっちり」 is an adverb that expresses “fully” and “strictly.” You can use it like this; 「みっちりと勉強べんきょうした」.



“Ready? Say Cheese!”


“It was around then that I started talking photos. Without a strong trust relationship between doctor and patient, the patient’s smile would be a little strained… But if we’d built true trust between us, the patient’s best smile would shine through. Maybe the real reason I’d been so hard on myself… was because I’d wanted to see those smiles.


Trust… Trust.”

One Point Lesson: Japanese Expression

「どこか」 literally means “somewhere” and “anywhere.” This can be also used like a adverb such as “somewhat” and “in some respects.”



“Are you Mr. Miyamura?” “You must be Dr. Kita…” “Where’s Dr. Saito?” “He went back home. Probably tired of me insisting on having you for my surgeon.” “But why? Why do you put so much trust in me?” “Well, I trust Dr. Saito… and Dr. Saito trusts you.” “I don’t deserve your trust. Dr. Tori is more skilled than I am… I’m guessing… Dr. Saito left because he thought so, too.”

One Point Lesson: Japanese Expression

いまや」 has almost same meaning as 「いまは」, but it can more express a contrast to the past. Note: you cannot use this expression with other words like 「今月こんげつや」 and 「としや」. They’re wrong.



“It’s just… I just want to see him smile for once!”






Hear me strollin’ down the lane

Steady backbeat from the rain

Guitar’s a bird a-talkin’ flight

Listen to her song t’night


That’s right– A surgeon who’s abandoned the scalpel doesn’t deserve your trust…




Hear me strollin’ down the lane

Steady backbeat from the rain


“What are you doing?”



Listen to her song t’night


“What are you doooing!?” “The surgery. Do the surgery. I… I’m… I’m one persistent sonofa-bitch!”

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