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Manga: Give My Regards to Black Jack

*These Japanese lessons are created based on the Terms of Use of the Copyrights of them; TITLE: Give My Regards to Black Jack, AUTHOR: Shuho Sato, and WEBSITE: Manga on Web.

Japanese Lessons with Manga 2-9-1 がお That Smile

A scene in Give My Regards to Black Jack

You can browse all of the pages by clicking the picture above and then move to any page via 「もく」 at the left. When you need English translations or explanations, please return here and refer them. This article covers from page 179 to page 198.

Japanese Script with Furigana and English Translation

10:30 AM: Extracted graft vessel. Prepared to connect graft to blocked portion of cardiac vessel. Cut open patient’s chest. Cracked ribcage. Opened pericardium.

“So… Here I am again.”


“I knew it… His skills are just as sharp as ever.”

One Point Lesson: Japanese Vocabulary

…のほう works as kind of a demonstrative and indicates うで in this context. Since ほう has a function to express comparison, this implies that the speaker worries about something besides his skills.


“Get through this. No such thing as an OR doctor with no self- doubt. If there were… they’d be so overconfident, they’d never even notice it. We all stifle our insecurity. We all battle our fear.”

“He’s fast… He just so fast…”

“Get through this.”

(It’s just… I just want to see him smile for once!)

“I am a cardiac surgeon.”

One Point Lesson: Japanese Vocabulary

おのれ means “oneself,” however, it is seldom used in everyday life.


“Huh? What’s going on?” “He’s in V-Fib. A heart spasm of unknown cause that happens extremely rarely during surgery.” “A heart… spasm…” “Dammit! This heart is pissed! I need those paddles!” “He’s losing blood!” “I know that! First we do cardiac massage!” “No good! It’s not beating!” “Calm down. I’m trying again!”

One Point Lesson: Japanese Grammar

やがった is the past form of やがる. This is a verb suffix indicating hatred and contempt and used among close friends or under serious situations. Be careful, however; you may look rude, though you can intensely show your emotion.


(It’s no use… This is all because I forced him to operate… It’s all my fault… He’s going to die. Mr. Miyamura is going to die.) “Open your eyes! You’re a doctor… Keep your eyes on the table!” “Beat… beat, damn you!”

One Point Lesson: Japanese Expression

In this sentence: こんなことに…, the last part is omitted. This uncomplete sentence indicates that Dr. Saito is distracted with the emergency.


“On with the operation.” “Doctor… Let’s stop the heart and switch to a heart-lung machine. The patient might go into V-fib again. It has to be safer than proceeding off-pump…” “True, putting him on a heart-lung machine means we wouldn’t have to worry about V-fib. But this patient has hepatic cirrhosis, too. A heart-lung machine greatly increases the danger of him succumbing to that instead.” ”It’s a safety net! Who’d blame you for using a heart-lung machine at this point?” “I would. I’m not using a heart-lung machine. I… I have faith in my decisions!”

One Point Lesson: Japanese Expression

からって is the casual form of からといって. This can roughly be translated as “just because” or “even if.”


(This man is a doctor… I’m so glad I became a doctor, too.) “Dr. Saito… I might’ve been walking toward the end of an embankment all this time… Now I know: I should have turned around. Thanks.”

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