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Japanese Lessons: Read Japanese Manga with Furigana 1-4-1

Manga: Give My Regards to Black Jack

*These Japanese lessons are created based on the Terms of Use of the Copyrights of them; TITLE: Give My Regards to Black Jack, AUTHOR: Shuho Sato, and WEBSITE: Manga on Web.

Japanese Lessons 1-4-1 夏雲 なつぐも/ Summer Clouds

A scene in Give My Regards to Black Jack

You can browse all of the pages by clicking the picture above and then move to any page via 「もく」 at the left. When you need English translations or explanations, please return here and refer them. This article covers from page 111 to page 124.

Japanese Script with Furigana and English Translation


1:20 AM. Toshio Kaneko, 75, experienced a sudden change in his condition, and his heart stopped.


“Come on, come back… Come back!”


“I’m very sorry to have to tell you this, but there’s almost no possibility your father will regain consciousness. We’ve restored his heartbeat with cardiac message, but his liver and heart are failing. The drop in blood oxygen when his heart stopped will have damaged his brain cells.”

One Point Lesson: Japanese Vocabulary

じょうもうげにくいことですが」 is a formal expression. Apart from this, there are some common phrases to say something tough such as 「いにくいのですが、(It’s hard for me to say this but,)」 and 「なんえばいいかわからないのですが、(I don’t know what to say this but,)」.



“Why didn’t you just let him die? Dr. Saito… I told you not to do that peritoneal dialysis. I’ve said this before, but simply prolonging his life like this is a waste of healthcare funds.” ”…Tell me, Dr. Shiratori. Is it really such a crime for a doctor to try to save his patient?” “I’ve seen hundreds of patients just like this one. All the dying need is someone to be there for them.” ”Are you saying we should just shut up and watch them die?” “Exactly.”

One Point Lesson: Japanese Grammar

This is a causative form. 「ぬ」 is a u-verb and is conjugated to 「なせる」. And the sentence is compound with 「やる」.



“We don’t understand all this…We’ll let you handle it.” ”Then we’ll remove his life support.”


One Point Lesson: Japanese Vocabulary

This is a dialect and equivalent to 「からない」.



“Mr. Kaneko… Is there really nobody in there anymore? Even if you can’t move your eyes or your mouth or your body… doesn’t that just mean you can’t tell people what you’re thinking? Please, answer me this: Are you okay with this being the end?”


July 6, three days after discontinuing life support.


“Mr. Kaneko, no one is coming by to see you now. Not even your son. He paid $10,000 for your operation too. But once we decided to let you die, he doesn’t even visit anymore. I wonder why? Was that money a farewell present…?”

One Point Lesson: Japanese Vocabulary

「すら」 means “even”. This is usually used in negative expressions.



“Good morning. What are you doing?” “Well, doctor, even comatose patients get dirty. And he’ll get bedsores, too, if we don’t move him. It’s growing. His beard… It’s growing.”


“Help me, doctor… Doctor… Please… I am not ready to die… Can’t you do something? You, doctors, are all about saving lives, ain’t you?”


This translation is made with the free translation method . In Japanese cultures, professional people such as doctors, layers, politicians, and accountants are called 「先生せんせい」 in order to express respect.



Even if there is barely a 1% chance of recovering consciousness, it’s not right for doctors to withdraw care for convenience’s sake. “If he’s got to die, you might as well cut his abdomen open… It’s better than doing nothing. You’re doctor… whether you’re new or inexperienced, to the patient, you’re still a doctor.” I am! I am a doctor!

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