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Japanese Lessons: Wasabi Japanese Radio Podcasts 10-2

Program:おもわぬ来客らいきゃく Personality: 村上隆むらかみりゅう

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Japanese Script

え、このいのしし体長たいちょうはおよそ1いちメートル。え、せつ三階さんかいで見つかって、かいにあるスポーツ用品店ようひんてん進入しんにゅうするなど、およそ40よんじゅっぷんにわたって設内せつないまわったということだそうです。昨日きのうあさ10じゅうはんのことっていうことで、ま、開店かいてんしてすぐの間帯かんたいですけど、まぁ*1 ビックリですよね。ものして、こう、ね、フッってると、なんぶかいなって、「あれ!?」っておも*2、「え?いのしし!?」みたいな、そんなかんじですよね。で、あの、猪突猛進ちょとつもうしん*3 ですから、バッてくるわけでしょ?スピードげて。いっぺんにきますからね、これをつけないとほんとあぶないですよ。ま、そういう、あの、わったおきゃくさんが、こう、入ってくると大変たいへんなことになってしまいますけど。まぁ*1、でも、こういうニュースってちょっと最近さいきんえてきたなってかんじがしますね、この数年すうねんてますとね。まぁ十分じゅうぶんに、あの、我々われわれちゅうしなければなりません。まぁ島原しまばら*4 も、あの、やまちかいですし、えー、そういったところから、まぁ*1、ひょっとしたらさるりてきてってことも、いのししりてきてってこともありますんでね。がいとこれ、あの、よそごとではないかなとおもいます。十分じゅうぶんにごちゅうください。


English Translation

Title: Unexpected Visitor Personality: Murakami Ryuji*1
Um, this boar’s length was roughly one meter. Um, it was found on the third floor of the establishment, and it entered a sporting goods store on the second floor. It was running around inside of the establishment for about 40 minutes. This was yesterday morning, at about 10:30, soon after the shop opened…anyway*1 it’s surprising. While shopping, to see it out of the corner of your eye, something hairy, and think*2, “What’s that?!” and have this feeling like “Huh? A boar?!” Um, because it’s reckless*3, it will suddenly accelerate and come to you, won’t it? Because it can about-face and come quickly, it’s really dangerous if you’re not paying attention to this. Well, this was kind of an unusual visitor, and it became a disaster when it entered. Well*1, nevertheless, I feel like this kind of news has increased recently, if we looked at these past several years. Well, um, we also must pay sufficient attention. Well, Shimabara*4 is also, um, close to the mountains, and because of this, well*1 it’s possible that monkeys have come down, and boars too have come down. This is not unexpected, um, and I think maybe it’s a matter that concerns us. Please pay sufficient attention.

Notes: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary

1. The phrase 「まあ」 has 3 functions; adverb, interjection, and filler phrase. In this broadcast the first one was used as an adverb, and the second and third ones were used as filler phrases.

2. This phrase should have been 「おもって」, but he tried to express surprise by imitating that he could not help but exclaim.

3. A Japanese idiom. It means “rush recklessly or without thinking of the consequences”.

4. They are broadcasting this program in Shimabara peninsula.

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