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Program: [アナウンス] 防災案内ぼうさいあんない Personality: うなぎ こにょろ

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Japanese Script


English Translation

Title: “Announcement” Disaster prevention guide Personality: Unagi-ya Konyoro
In the Shimabara FM area, in the event that disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami, or storm and flood damage has occurred, the program will be interrupted and we will convey essential information accurately and quickly. In some cases for natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, we will be struck by forces that exceed our predictions. However, by taking disaster prevention measures on a regular basis, we can reduce the damage. First of all, by the safety measures of one’s surroundings; always keep the radio close. The broadcasting station you hear now is 88.4 megahertz, Shimabara FM.

Notes: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary


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