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Japanese Lessons: Wasabi Japanese Radio Podcasts 2-2

Program: ウェザーリポート, Personality: マッキー

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Japanese Script

23にじゅうさんにち木曜もくようくも時々ときどき*1想最そうさいこうおん32さんじゅうに最低さいていおん24にじゅうよん降水確率こうすいかくりつ30さんじゅっ%ぱーせんと。 24にじゅうよっ金曜きんようくも時々ときどきれ、想最そうさいこうおん32さんじゅうに最低さいていおん24にじゅうよん降水確率こうすいかくりつ30さんじゅっ%ぱーせんと三連さんれんきゅうからなつ青空あおぞら優勢ゆうせいになりそうです。日差ひざしもつよまりますので、ねっ中症ちゅうしょう対策たいさく継続的けいぞくてきおこなってください。ただ、ザッと*2 あめ能性のうせいもありますので、てんきゅうへんにもじゅうぶんちゅうください。じょう、おてんじょうほうでした。


English Translation

Title: Weather Report Personality: Makkī
Thursday the 23rd; it’s cloudy to partly-sunny*1, the expected high is 32°C; the expected low is 24°C with a 30% chance of precipitation. Friday the 24th; it’s cloudy to partly-sunny, the expected high is 32°C; the expected low is 24°C with a 30% chance of precipitation. A blue summer sky will likely be dominant through the three-day-weekend. Because the sunlight will intensify, please continuously take precautions against heatstroke. However, because there is also a possibility of showers*2, please pay sufficient attention to sudden changes in the weather. That was the weather forecast.

Notes: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary 

1. 「くも時々ときどきれ」 literally means “cloudy, sometimes sunny”.

2. 「ザッと」 is a Japanese onomatopoeia. You may memorize it in the phase 「(あめが)ザッとる」. It indicates concentrated rain for a short time.

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