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Japanese Lessons: Wasabi Japanese Radio Podcasts 3-2

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Program: ウェザーリポート, Personality: 村上むらかみりゅう

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Title: Weather Report Personality: Murakami Ryuji
The temperature forecast for 6pm and 9pm is 10°C. Midnight will be 9°C. 3am will be 8°C, and 6am will also be 8°C. 9am tomorrow will be 12°C, it will be 13°C at noon, and 3pm tomorrow is also forecasted to be 13°C. The height of sea waves today, tomorrow, and also the next day is expected to be 0.5 meters. Now, Shimabara harbor’s high and low tide times. Today’s high tide henceforth is at 7:23pm. The low tide for the second time is at 1:42pm, but because it’s passed 1:42pm already, the next one will be tomorrow. Tomorrow’s high tide will be at 8:32am, the second one at 8:05…8:05pm. Low tide is at 1:59am and 2:28pm. At approximately 5:05pm, we will give the next weather report in the “Sunday Wind”.

Notes: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary


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