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Japanese Lessons: Wasabi Japanese Radio Podcasts 6-1

Program: しおぐきみがこう Personality: ほん みつ & しげ ショウゴ

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*This is a conversation between two personalities. Please follow Ms. Honda’s part. 

Japanese Script

ほんわたくし*1 担当たんとうしております*2、この月曜げつよう、それから木曜もくよう日のゆうさんみち*3街角まちかどじょうほう防災ぼうさいじょうほうはもちろんのこと、番組ばんぐみのモットーとして、「いやされてげん明日あしたがんろう」です。6ろくだいてんほうのあとに、だれでも簡単かんたんに、3さんぷんでできるしあわせをせるあさ習慣しゅうかん提案ていあんしていきます。明日あしたあさいい一日いちにちむかえられますように。今日きょう提案ていあんは、「しおぐきみがこう*4」。

しげ: し、しおで?

ほん: そうそう、みがきはね、しますよね?

しげ: はい。しますよ。

ほん: うん、一日何回いちにちなんかいしますか?

しげ一日二回いちにち に かい


しげ: うん。

ほん: うん。なるべくべたあとにしたかたがいいですよ、あなたもおとしですから。

しげ: まだわかいすから。


English Translation

Title: Let’s Brush Our Gums with Salt Personality: Honda Mitsuko & Shige Shōgo
Honda: The “Evening Promenade*3” which I am in charge of on Mondays and Thursdays, of course covers local news and disaster prevention information. Our program’s motto is “Healed and let’s be fine and give our best tomorrow too”. After the weather forecast between 6 and 7, we will suggest a custom that anyone can do easily in three minutes in the morning to summon happiness. I wish you will have a good day tomorrow. Today’s suggestion is “let’s brush our gums with salt*4”.

Shige: With salt?

Honda: Right, right. Your teeth…

Shige: Yes.

Honda: Do you brush them?

Shige: I do!

Honda: Uh-huh, how many times per day?

Shige: Twice per day.

Honda: In the morning and evening?

Shige: Uh-huh.

Honda: Uh-huh. It’s best to do it soon after eating if possible, because of your age.

Shige: I’m still young.

Notes: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary

1. 「私」 has two readings; 「わたくし」 is a more formal expression than 「わたし」. However, younger generations seldom use the former nowadays.

2. This is an honorific expression equivalent to 「わたくし担当たんとうしている」 in a plain way. The sentence continues even though the verb ends with 「ます」. This expression is often seen in formal scenes.

3.「ゆうさんみち」 “Evening Promenade” is the name of this program.

4. She changed her voice tone in order to emphasize the topic.

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