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Program: あこがれの職業しょくぎょう Personality: Chiy Chiy

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Title: The Longed-for Occupation Personality: Chiy Chiy
Well, 1st place is a nursery school teacher, 2nd place is a professional athlete, and 3rd place is a pastry chef. I thought, “Oh, indeed”, and “these areas haven’t changed”. I looked at the next one, 4th place; it’s a clinical laboratory technologist. “Huh? Huh?!” I thought. “What was that*1?!” I thought. I wondered “what kind of an occupation is that?” but, um, it’s something like a person who, in accordance with the doctor’s instructions, does things like take a patient’s blood for blood testing. Um, aren’t they a person who does various scans such as electro-cardiogram, ultrasound, respiratory function scans, and things like brain wave scans? Yeah. Well, based on the results of those tests, the doctor, um, does things like treats a disease, and decides “what’s the best thing to do” for subsequent treatment. It’s a really important occupation, isn’t it?

Notes: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary

1. 「なんだそりゃ」 is equivalent to 「なんだそれは」. It has a more casual touch and is a little more emotional of an expression.

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