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Japanese Lessons: Wasabi Japanese Radio Podcasts 8-2

Program: どうけんはだランキング Personality: 村上隆むらかみりゅう

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Japanese Script

で、長崎ながさきはどのへんかといいますと*2、ちょうどなかぐらいですね、23にじゅうさん。ちなみに九州きゅうしゅう*3もっとたかいんです。あ、ごめんなさい。宮崎みやざきがそのうえ22にじゅうにでした、ごめんなさい。えー、22にじゅうに宮崎県みやざきけん23にじゅうさん長崎県ながさきけん。そして熊本県くまもとけん28にじゅうはち福岡県ふくおかけん32さんじゅうに鹿児かご島県しまけん33さんじゅうさん佐賀さがけん36さんじゅうろく大分県おおいたけん42よんじゅうにというけっでした。温泉県おんせんけん42よんじゅうにってのはちょっとがいでしたね、大分おおいたね*4。しまけん角層かくそう細胞さいぼうととのっている*5、はだうるおっている、キメがととのっているのみっつのもん3さん位以いいない入賞にゅうしょう肌偏はだへん差値さち*6 71ななじゅういっ,てん5と、もっとたかかったんだそうです。


English Translation

Title: Prefecture*1 Skin Ranking Personality: Murakami Ryuji
Now, when it comes to where Nagasaki is in the ranking*2, it’s just about in the middle, in 23rd place. By the way, it’s the highest in Kyushu*3. Ah, I’m sorry! Miyasaki was above this, it was 22nd place. Sorry. Um, 22nd place was Miyasaki Prefecture, and 23rd place was Nagasaki Prefecture. And now the results were; Kumamoto Prefecture 28th place; Fukuoka Prefecture 32nd place; Kagoshima Prefecture 33rd place; Saga Prefecture 36th place; And Oita Prefecture 42nd place. For Oita*4, a prefecture with hot springs, 42nd place was a little surprising. For three categories – the horny layer of cells*5 is in place, the skin is moist, and the skin texture is in place – Shimane Prefecture won within the top three places. The beautiful skin deviation value*6 was 71.5, and that was the highest.

Notes: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary

1. Literally To, dō, fu, ken; the four types of prefectures in Japan.

2. They are broadcasting this program in Nagasaki prefecture.

3. Kyushu Island consists of Nagasaki and the other aforementioned prefectures.

3. Oita prefecture is well-known for having good hot springs.

4. I.e., the outermost layer of skin cells

5. I.e. a method patented by POLA Chemical Industries for visually estimating the value of beautiful skin.

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