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Japanese Lessons: Wasabi Japanese Radio Podcasts 9-3

Program: あきのイベント Personality: しげ ショウゴ

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Japanese Script

そして運動会うんどうかいといいますと、えー*1 平成へいせい25にじゅうごねん*2、もうだい58ごじゅうはちかいになるんですね*3民体育祭みんたいいくさい。えー、この各種競かくしゅきょう日程にっていまっております。え、9がつおこなわれるのが、まず9がつ16じゅうろくにち月曜げつよう敬老けいろうですね。えーこのには弓道きゅうどう*4おこなわれます。え、もちろん会場かいじょう霊丘れいきゅう公園体育館弓道場こうえんたいいくかんきゅうどうじょうで行われます、きゅうどう。そして9がつ29にじゅうくにち、え、こちら、日曜にちよう。え、日曜にちようには卓球たっきゅうあい島原復興しまばらふっこうアリーナ、そしてサブアリーナで行われます。地区ちく対抗戦たいこうせんとなっています。またとしもいろんな、こう、スポーツで、もーがるんでしょうね。


English Translation

Title: Autumn Event Personality: Shige Shōgo
Now, talking about Sports Day, um*1, in Heisei year 25*2 , it’s already being held*3 for the 58th time, this is the Public Sports Festival. The schedule for each competition was determined. Um, for things being done in September, first there’s Respect for the Aged Day on Monday, September 16th. Well, this day Kyudō*4 will be take place. Um, of course the venue is Reikyu Park Gymnasium Archery Field, for Kyudō. Now, on September 29th, um, that Sunday; Um, on Sunday a table tennis match will be held at Shimabara Restoration Arena and Sabu Arena. It’s become the district tournament. Also, I guess this year there’s a rise in various sports.

Notes: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary

1. Since he was thinking about what to say while talking, there are some filler phrases such as 「えー」, 「え」, 「こう」, and 「もー」.

2. The current era in Japan. This system numbers the years from the accession of the current emperor, who took the throne in 1989, or Heisei 1. e.g. 2015 is Heisei 27.

3. After this sentence, 「えー 平成へいせい25にじゅうごねん」, he was supposed to continue with something like 「だい58ごじゅうはちかい民体育祭みんたいいくさい開催かいさいされます」. However, since he was surprised by the fact that it had such a long continuation, the nuance changed and had a touch of discovery.

4. Traditional Japanese archery

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