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Program: あきのイベント Personality: しげ ショウゴ

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Title: Autumn Event Personality: Shige Shōgo
That’s one thing I want to see. Well, not just one thing, I’d like to see them all! Hey, there are a lot of competition events. In the Public Sports Festival there’s track and field events, swimming, soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball and wrestling, softball of course, sumo, badminton, kendo, karate, and bowling. They’re even doing Shorinji Kenpo*1. I want to see this. And surprisingly, oops…not surprisingly*2, there are things like ballroom dancing and lawn bowling, and it seems the Public Sports Festival will be loaded with things to see, won’t it? Um, incidentally, the Shorinji Kenpo will be held on October 6th in the Daini Elementary School gymnasium.

Notes: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary

1. 「少林しょうりん拳法けんぽう」 is a Japanese martial art modified from Shaolin Kung Fu.

2. In the sentence 「こんなもの、こんなものっていいますかね」, the use of the phrase 「こんなもの」 comes off as sounding a bit rude, so he corrects himself immediately by saying 「こんなものっていいますかね」 which means something like “I wonder if I should say this?

4. Traditional Japanese archery

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