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What are the Best Online Japanese Lessons?


Without a doubt, everyone would like to learn Japanese with effective methods. However, since each learner has a different situation and every learning service has it’s own particular strengths, it seems that there are some people who have difficulty finding out the best online Japanese lessons to suit them. In this article, we will analyze major learner’s situations and learning services and figure out what are the best online Japanese lessons for you.

Analysis of the Best Online Japanese Lessons

Although we, Wasabi, are providing online Japanese lessons, our service is not the best for EVERYONE. That’s because we focus on particular users, who aim to travel in Japan, live in Japan, or work with Japanese people. Other learning services probably have their own focus as well. We will try to objectively analyze them as much as possible.

Two Major Situations of Japanese Learners

First of all, let’s think about the learners’ situation. There are many different types of situations learners may have, however, they can be divided into two main categories: whether you need output-learning or input-learning. Please categorize your situation based on the following explanations and then you will come to know what the best online Japanese lesson for you is.

You Need Output-Learning When:

  • You try to improve your fluency
  • You try to spice up your expressiveness
  • You will use Japanese with native speakers

In our method, this is called Experience section. You can consider it as a conversational style of teaching. The ratio of time when you are speaking in lessons is higher than time when your teacher is speaking.

You Need Input-Learning When:

  • You have just started learning Japanese
  • You are learning grammar
  • You will take JLPT

In our method, this is called Knowledge section. You can consider it as lecture style teaching. The ratio of time when your teacher is speaking in lessons is higher than the time you are speaking.

Which category do you belong to? Simply speaking, when you add new knowledge, input-learning is suitable. When you experience interaction with native speakers, output-learning is suitable. Next, we will show you a list of Japanese online lesson services with their category and strength. Pick up one you think is best.

List of Online Japanese Lesson Services

Output Learning

Wasabi logo

Name Wasabi – Learn Japanese Online
Strength Speaking practice
Materials Provided
Price JPY 5800 per month (50 minutes lesson once a week)
Note There are three courses with the purpose: to travel in Japan, live in Japan, and work with Japanese people. In order to have the ability to manage these situations, Wasabi prepares precisely designed worksheets. Also, Wasabi has self-learning materials for speaking. You should try this when you finish reading grammar guidebooks and would like to practice speaking.


ALC logo

Name ALC Online Japanese School
Strength Business Japanese
Materials Provided
Price JPY 21,600 for ten times (50 minutes lesson)
Note ALC has various courses for business Japanese such as, business phone call, business honorific language, business etiquette and business email. If you are already at upper-intermediate level and aiming to work for a Japanese company, this can be a good option.



Japanese Online Institution Logo

Name Japanese Online Institute
Strength JLPT Measurement
Materials Need to Buy
Price JPY 8,400 for four times (50 minutes lesson)
Note There are three courses for JLPT: Grammar and JLPT, JLPT Extra Study, and JLPT Preparation Course. It’s apparent that this company has a certain know-how to enable you to pass the test. Although private lessons can probably be customized as per your needs, this is recommended when you take JLPT.


Japanese Live Com logo


Name Japanese Live
Strength Cultural Topics
Materials Not mentioned
Price JPY 6,450 for three times (50 minutes lesson)
Note Japanese Live has a wide range of unique lessons such as Manga/Anime Japanese expressions, Entertainment, Cosplay lessons, Japanese diets, etc. If you would like to learn Japanese culture in particular, you may want to try this.



There are some language social network services where you can find Japanese teachers individually. Although the quality and the curriculum depend on a teacher, this is recommended if you are someone who can judge what you need to learn by yourself.


We hope that you have found the most suitable Japanese online lessons for you. If you would like to save your money, you may substitute output-learning for language exchange and input-learning for self-learning using textbooks. We have also designed the Complete Roadmap for How to Speak Japanese assuming on that people can manage input-learning (Japanese grammar) alone. However, output-learning requires someone who talks with you in Japanese. Therefore, we highly recommend you to utilize online Japanese lessons if you don’t have a language partner.

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