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Lessons can be booked between 9:00 am to the next day 2:00 am (Japan Standard Time) from Monday to Sunday. Wasabi does not require entrance fee, material fee or any additional fees. The subscription is extended monthly and can also be cancelled monthly.

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  • One-on-one lessons
  • 50 minutes
  • 4 lessons per month
    (1 lesson / week)

JPY 5,800 yen (monthly)

*About USD 53 or EUR 50 -22th Nov 2016

<Wasabi Intensive Plan>

  • One-on-one lessons
  • 50 minutes
  • 8 lessons per month
    (2 lessons / week)

JPY 10,000 yen (monthly)

*About USD 91 or EUR 85 -22th Nov 2016

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Payment Method

We utilize PayPal for our payment system, which is one of the world’s largest internet payment companies and used in more than 190 nations. Although you are required to make an account if you don’t have one, via PayPal, you can use major credit cards and set a subscription. On the other hand, If PayPal is not available in your country, we can send an electrical invoice via email and you will be able to make your payment using your credit card.

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Japanese Study Goals

Thumbnail: Travel

I who would like to travel in Japan
♦Beginner Level (CEFR A2 or JLPT N4)

One of the most enjoyable things about traveling is interacting with local people in a local language and experiencing the local culture. In order for you to have an amazing trip, by taking our beginner course, you can learn basic greetings, how to use public transportation, how to call and make reservations, how to use local shops, etc.

Thumbnail: Live

I who would like to live in Japan
♦Intermediate Level (CEFR B1-2 or JLPT N3-2)

When you move to Japan, Japanese language ability will make your new life more colorful and valuable because you can better communicate with local people. With the help of our intermediate course, you can learn important expressions such as how to invite, give encouragement, make requests, make and decline offers, etc.

Thumbnail: Business

I who would like to work in a Japanese-speaking environment
♦Advanced Level (CEFR C1 or JLPT N1)

The Japanese economy is the third largest in the world. However, it is not easy to enter the market due to the language barrier. If you know business Japanese, it will be great advantage to make differentiation. In the advanced course, you will focus on Japanese business expressions.

*CEFR – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. It is a guideline used to describe the achievements of learners of foreign languages across Europe and, increasingly, in other countries. This URL shows what you can do at each level.

Wasabi Online Japanese Lesson Examples and Material

Portrait: Beginner

Beginner (CEFR A2 or JLPT N4)

To travel in Japan

Portrait: Intermediate

Intermediate (CEFR B1-2 or JLPT N3-2)

To live in Japan

Portrait: Advanced

Advanced (CEFR C1 or JLPT N1)

To work with Japanese

Scene Practice
Travel Scenes Daily Scenes Business Scenes
Sentence Pattern Practice
Basic Sentence Patterns Key Sentence Patterns
Various Expressions
Business Expressions
Keigo (Polite Japanese)
Discussion Practice


News Websites TED Talks
Speaking Test
Evaluation for users’ speaking ability in terms of pronunciation, comprehension, responsiveness, and expressiveness.
Complete Roadmap: How to Speak Japanese, which carefully explains how to learn to speak Japanese with practical materials and figures.

Our lessons focus on speaking, listening and grammar and our curriculum is divided into the three practices as you can see the above, which are Scene Practice, Sentence Pattern Practice, and Discussion Practice. All of the courses are designed by a Japanese linguist, and will be guided by experienced Japanese native tutors. We have also prepared our own speaking test and self-learning materials. You are able to effectively learn what you need to achieve your aim.

Dedicated Japanese Native Tutors

Portrait: A Tutor

Shiho O.

Portrait: A Tutor


Portrait: A Tutor


All Wasabi tutors are either certified teachers of Japanese as a foreign language or have been trained as volunteer tutors. Before joining Wasabi, they have gained experience as teachers in language schools, universities, volunteer programs and as private tutors. Their backgrounds are diverse and many of them have lived abroad or worked corporate jobs, before they discovered their passion for teaching. All tutors are carefully selected and are able to provide lessons using the effective Wasabi materials.

At Wasabi we believe in the direct method of teaching, which is that learners refrain from using their native language and use only the target language during the lesson. Namely, only Japanese is spoken in our lessons. The main effect of the method is to improve your fluency, vocabulary and expression. The disadvantage of the method is that users may have difficulty in understanding grammar. Therefore, we have prepared Wasabi’s Online Grammar Reference. By utilizing this, you will be able to effectively proceed with your learning. (The English level of our tutors varies. If you do prefer a tutor who speaks English, please let us know when you sign up for the lesson.)

How to Enroll in the Wasabi Lesson Plan

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Step 1 Selection of Your Lesson Plan

Please decide which plan you are going to take as per your needs. The price of the Wasabi Double Plan is lower if you look at the cost per lesson.

♦Wasabi Basic Plan, 50 min lessons, 4 lessons per month, JPY5,800 (monthly)
♦Wasabi Intensive Plan, 50 min lessons, 8 lessons per month, JPY10,000 (monthly)

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Step 2 Payment

Please make your payment via the following subscription button. If this is the first time for you to use PayPal, you may check How PayPal Works. If PayPal is not available in your country, please let us know via this form. We can send an electrical invoice which allows you to pay using your credit card.

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Step 3 Submission of Your Arrangement Form

After making your payment, please inform us of your information such as Skype ID, suitable time for lessons, etc. using this Arrangement Form. Then, we will start arranging your lessons, which is usually done within a few days.

Step 4 Enjoy Speaking Japanese with Your Tutor

Once the arrangement is done, we will inform you of your regular lesson schedule, which should be decided based on your preference time. Then, you will have online Japanese lessons once or twice a week (*depending on your plan). Regarding the first lesson, a lesson plan will be provided for you. After that, you will decide which lesson worksheet you will use next time with your tutor.

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How to cancel your subscription

The Wasabi lesson plans are a monthly based subscription that is extended automatically for the following month on the 16th. This means, if you wanted to end your subscription by the end of May, you would have to contact us until May 15th. Otherwise the subscription will be extended for June and you will be able to take four (or eight respectively) more lessons in June. If you would like to cancel your subscription please contact us via the inquiry form.

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Enroll in Wasabi Today!

Wasabi doesn’t require any entrance fee and you can upgrade or downgrade your lesson plan for the following month easily on a monthly basis (Please inform us of your decision by the 15th, for your upgrade/downgrade to be effective for the following month). Book your first month to get started and improve your Japanese by studying with experienced Japanese tutors. If you have any concern or questions, please feel free to ask us via this Contact Form. We’re excited to help you learn Japanese!