How to Learn Japanese

How to Learn Japanese

Complete Roadmap: How to Speak Japanese


In this day and age, there is plenty of information, materials, and services for learning Japanese on the Internet. However, when we consider the sheer amount of information available, it is difficult to find method that is right for you. Learning speaking can be more difficult than reading or writing because it involves interaction with […]

How to Learn Japanese

Learning Flow: How to Learn Japanese from the Beginning

From Scratch

If you have a systematic roadmap, learning Japanese from the beginning can be a good advantage because you can avoid wasting your time and efforts and concentrate on what you really need to learn. In this article, we will explain the learning flow with the Complete Roadmap: How to Speak Japanese in detail. How to Learn […]

How to Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese with Intensive and Extensive Reading

pic: knowledge

Intensive reading is a method in which learners read texts with a high degree of comprehension. By contrast, extensive reading is a method in which learners focus on an amount of reading rather than comprehension. In either way, please proceed with them after learning Japanese grammar up to intermediate level in order to efficiently learn. […]

How to Learn Japanese

Special Course: How to Learn Japanese for Beginners

Beginner Course

As we mentioned in the previous article: How to Become Fluent in Speaking Japanese, becoming fluent in Japanese can be reliant on three factors: Knowledge, Practice, and Experience. First, you accumulate the necessary knowledge; second, practice having a good command of what you know; and third, experience interactions with native speakers. They are all necessary […]

How to Learn Japanese

How to Become Fluent in Speaking Japanese


If you are reading this, you might be someone who is interested in learning how to speak Japanese. If so, you’ve come to the right place. If you follow this roadmap, we are confident you will become fluent in speaking Japanese. From our research, we have found that this is the fastest way. However, it […]