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Japanese Radio Podcasts with Read-Aloud Method

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Japanese Lessons with Japanese Radio Programs

Material Information

Name Wasabi Japanese Radio Podcasts
Level Intermediate (JLPT N3)
Lesson Number 45
Total Time 43 minutes
Type of Audio file A. Slow speed
B. Slow speed with pauses
C. Natural speed
D. Natural speed with pauses
Translation English
How to Use Read-Aloud Method

All programs can be played on each lesson page. Furthermore, if you would like to utilize your mobile devices or hear them off-line, you can download them via the following URL. Additionally, we have labeled the audio files as follows: “slow speed” as “A”, “slow speed with pauses” as ”B”, “natural speed” as “C” and “natural speed with pauses” as “D”. For example, if you would like to hear lesson 2-1 at a slow speed with pauses, please use No. B02-1.

Download Link (*ZIP files)

A. Slow speed Program 1-7Program 8-14
B. Slow speed with pauses Program 1-7Program 8-14
C. Natural speed Program 1-7Program 8-14
D. Natural speed with pauses Program 1-7Program 8-14

Program Table of Japanese Lessons

Report Section

Program 1 Weather Report (A Male Personality)
Lesson 1-1
Lesson 1-2
Program 2 Weather Report (A Female Personality)
Lesson 2-1
Lesson 2-2
Program 3 Weather Report (A Male Personality)
Lesson 3-1
Lesson 3-2

Free Talk Section

Program 4 Christmas
Lesson 4-1
Lesson 4-2
Lesson 4-3
Lesson 4-4
Program 5 Foreign News
Lesson 5-1
Lesson 5-2
Lesson 5-3
Program 6 Let’s Brush Our Gums with Salt
Lesson 6-1
Lesson 6-2
Lesson 6-3
Lesson 6-4
Program 7 The Longed-for Occupation
Lesson 7-1
Lesson 7-2
Lesson 7-3
Lesson 7-4
Lesson 7-5
Lesson 7-6
Lesson 7-7
Lesson 7-8
Lesson 7-9
Program 8 Prefecture Skin Ranking
Lesson 8-1
Lesson 8-2
Lesson 8-3
Program 9 Autumn Event
Lesson 9-1
Lesson 9-2
Lesson 9-3
Lesson 9-4
Lesson 9-5
Program 10 Unexpected Visitor
Lesson 10-1
Lesson 10-2
Program 11 Women’s Eyebrows and the Japanese Economy
Lesson 11-1
Lesson 11-2
Lesson 11-3
Program 12 Japan’s Grandpas & Grandmas
Lesson 12-1
Lesson 12-2
Lesson 12-3
Lesson 12-4

Announcement Section

Program 13 “Advertisement” Confectionery Shop
Lesson 13-1
Program 14 “Announcement” Disaster Prevention Guide
Lesson 14-1



We have released a new material: Read-aloud Method with Easy Japanese. If you find this Radio podcasts difficult, please give it a try.

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Special Thanks

The Wasabi Japanese radio podcasts were created through a special association with Shimabara FM (a Japanese radio station). Thanks to them, we could develop one of the most practical materials for Japanese lessons in terms of conversation. It is likely that the example sentences in Japanese textbooks are slightly different from sentences which native speakers use in everyday life. By utilizing Shimabara FM’s programs, we can provide learning materials based on actual Japanese expressions. Thank you very much.

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