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15 Phrases: How to Say “You’re Welcome” in Japanese

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If you look up “you’re welcome” in your Japanese dictionary, you will probably reach this phrase 「どういたしまして」. Actually, native speakers usually don’t use this one to friends. So, let’s learn natural and practical expressions to say “you’re welcome” in Japanese.

Expressing “You’re Welcome” in Japanese with Proper Phrases

To Your friends, “You’re Welcome” in Casual Tone

When your friend say “thank you” to you, you could say: 

I’m happy (to be able to help you).
No worries.
No worries.
You need to pay a lot (for this help).

*For the sake of easy understandings, we have made English translations. However, the translations of the nuance can not be perfect. Please try to focus on the Japanese phrases itself.

To Your Coworkers, “You’re Welcome” in Japanese

When your coworkers say “thank you” to you, you could say:

No, no.
I should be thanking you.
Don’t be so formal (with me).
No, let me know anytime (when you need any help at my end).
You’re welcome.

To Your Boss, “You’re Welcome” in Polite Form

When your boss say “thank you” to you, you could say:

I am obliged.
I am happy to be able to help you.
Don’t mention it.
Apart from that, is there anything that I can help you with?



Thank you for reading! …then, what should you respond to this one? Please find the good answer from among the above examples!

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