Wasabi Japanese Speech Contest

Win a Round-Trip Ticket to Japan!


In commemoration of Wasabi’s launch, a new Japanese language learning tool that will spice up your studies with specially designed lessons for speaking practice with native speakers, we have decided to conduct Wasabi Japanese Speech Contest on the Internet. If you win, you will receive a ROUND-TRIP TICKET TO JAPAN! It is our hope that you will become more interested in Japanese culture and be motivated to learn Japanese. That’s why we have created this opportunity not only for Wasabi users, but also for EVERY JAPANESE LEARNER. All you need to do is make a video of your speech, upload it to YouTube, and send us the URL. We would be more than delighted if a lot of learners participate in this contest all over the world.

*The applications were closed


  Wasabi Users Ordinary Leaners
Eligible Applicants
  • Being a Wasabi user
  • Learning Japanese as a second language
  • Learning Japanese as a second language
  • A Round-Trip Ticket to Japan
  • A luxurious Japanese dinner
  • One night accommodation
  • A Round-Trip Ticket to Japan
Number of Prize 1 1
Entry Fee Free /*Tuition fee is required Free
Maximum Number of Applicants 50 None
  • A person having Japanese nationality or a Japanese native parent is not eligible.
  • The winners will have to visit Wasabi institution in Shimabara city, Nagasaki, Japan during the trip.
  • If you live in Japan already, a ticket to Nagasaki of Kyushu will be given.
  • The flight will be an economy class ticket.
  • The prize will be valid for 1 year after the announcement.
  • Applicants with Wasabi Membership have to hold the membership at least for 3 months.
  • If you utilize this ticket for moving to Japan for working or study abroad, i.e. stay over 90 days with a particular VISA, only a one way ticket will be given.
  • Your video might be used as advertisement for Wasabi.
  • The details of the evaluation will not be disclosed.


Speech Content

  • Topic: *It will be given once you have applied.
  • Time: 4 ~ 6 minutes
  • Language: Japanese
  • Evaluation Criteria (Total 100 points):
Content  Language Skill  Delivery
  • Content (Interest, Originality)=20 points
  • Structure (Organization, Clarity)=20 points
  • Grammar & Vocabulary (Variety, Accuracy) =10 points
  • Pronunciation & Fluency (Clarity, Intonation, Stress, Tone)=20 points
  • Presentation Skills (Volume, Eye Contact, movement) =15 points
  • Overall impression (Confidence, Enthusiasm, etc,)=15 points

About Schedule

July 1st Applications are being accepted *The speech topic is given to each applicant
August 15th Applications are closed & Videos are being submitted
September 15th Submissions are closed & Videos are being evaluated
September 29th Announcement of results

*The applications were closed



This is conducted by a different organization: International Education Center and the video may be too sophisticated to use as an example. We must say that you are not required to speak Japanese as fluently as she did, which is the lowest mark in our evaluation criteria. However, you may refer to the video on how she structures the content of her speech, her use of nonverbal communications, and her excitement and energy.

How to Take a Video

  1. Prepare a smartphone or a tablet
  2. Adjust the lighting in your filming area
  3. Set the device on a stable place 2 ~ 3m (6.5 ~ 9.8ft) away from you
  4. Start taking a video for 4 ~ 6 minutes.

About Wasabi

Wasabi is an online learning tool that provides Japanese learners with highly effective methods of study at the best prices on the market, JPY5,800 (USD47 or EUR42 -20th June 2015) per month for 50 minutes once a week, which is 50% of the standard costs. Our main focus is on speaking practice for learners aiming to live in Japan or work with Japanese.

*We have closed the first speech contest. Please be looking forward to the second one. Until then, brush up your Japanese. The following links are recommended.