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Business Japanese

Japanese Literary Style: である and ではない


Last time, you learned how to utilize Keigo (polite speech) in practice. If you are willing to work with Japanese people, it is important to behave properly depending on situations. Now, you know the proper way to communicate with people in conversation. Then, what should you do if you communicate with people or express your […]

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How Keigo (Polite Speech) Works in Conversation


Last time, you learned the basic idea and the conjugation rule of the honorific form, the humble form, and the polite form, e.g. 行いく can be いらっしゃる or 伺うかがう/参まいる. In this lesson, we would like to focus on how to use the three forms in practice. Explanation for How to Politely Speak Japanese Table of […]

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The Honorific Form, the Humble Form, and the Polite Form


You have started a new section: Keigo. This is one of the trickiest topics when learning Japanese. Keigo is a Japanese word and simply means “polite speech,” which consists of the three forms: honorific, humble, and polite. The variety often confuses learners. In everyday life, there will be no problem if you can use the […]

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How to Write Emails in Japanese (with Practical Examples)

A Man with Email

Nowadays, we rarely write emails to friends because messaging applications like WhatsApp, LINE, and WeChat have prevailed. However, you should still know how to write emails in Japanese if you are aiming to move to Japan because email is still a common communication tool for commercial activities. Complete Guide for How to Write Emails in […]