How to Speak Japanese

How to Speak Japanese

Distinguish your Japanese Script: Jo-Ha-Kyu Structure

Japanese Traditional Method: Jo-Ha-Kyu

*The target readers are those who will make a speech or a presentation in Japanese. 序 (Jo), 破 (Ha) 急 (Kyu) Structure is a concept of modulation and movement coming from Japanese traditional arts; GaGaku which is said to be the oldest orchestra in the world. In this day and age, it is applied to […]

How to Speak Japanese

How to Talk about the Weather in Japanese


When it comes to small talk, the weather is a common topic in Japan. In this article, you will learn how to talk about the weather in Japanese. How to Talk about the Weather in Japanese with Key Expressions Vocabulary Related to the Weather 春はる spring 夏なつ summer 秋あき autumn, fall 冬ふゆ winter 快晴かいせい clear weather […]

How to Speak Japanese

Complete Explanation; What Does よろしく Mean?


When you start learning Japanese, you first learned the phrase; よろしくお願ねがいします as a component of introductions like “nice to meet you”. However, once you come to Japan, you will realize that よろしくお願ねがいします is often used in different contexts and then you may start wondering whether the meaning is really “nice to meet you”? The answer […]

How to Speak Japanese

How to Measure Length, Weight and Area in Japanese

Thumbnail: Measurement

It is well-known that the Japanese counting system is very complicated because you have to change how to count depending on objects such as 個こ, 本ほん, and つ. When it comes to how to measure, that’s simpler but you need to know which units Japanese people use, such as yards and meters, and how to […]

How to Speak Japanese

How to Say “Don’t Worry about It” in Japanese

A Man Saying Don't Worry

You may think the phrase 「心配しんぱいしないで」 is equivalent to “Don’t worry about it”. However, this doesn’t work in some contexts. In this article, you will learn how to say “Don’t worry about it” in Japanese naturally. How to Say “Don’t Worry about It” in Japanese with Four Common Situations 1. To Those Who Have Made […]

How to Speak Japanese

How to Make a Phone Call in Japanese

A Man Making a Phone Call

Have you ever made a phone call in Japanese? If you have, you may have experienced difficulty at the time because there are some phrases which you only hear on the phone. In this article, you will learn how to make a phone call in Japanese, with vocabulary and practical examples. Complete Guide for Making […]

How to Speak Japanese

Shopping in Japanese, 25 Phrases Travelers Should Know

A woman who wants to go shopping

When you go shopping in Japan, you may need to speak basic Japanese because it’s likely that Japanese people in local shops don’t know English. Thus, let’s learn useful Japanese phrases for shopping in this article! How to Do Shopping in Japanese Common Expressions ~~ を探さがしています。 I’m looking for ~~. ~~ はありますか? Do you have […]

How to Speak Japanese

Complete Explanation: What Does おつかれさま Mean?

Japanese Phrase: Otsukaresama

One of the most difficult aspects when it comes to learning Japanese is to understand phrases which your language does not have an equivalent to. Since there is no perfect translation, you have to learn them by knowing the context in Japanese. A typical phrase is おつかれさま. This is a very practical phrase and can […]

How to Speak Japanese

14 Romantic Phrases: How to Propose to a Girl in Japanese

Man proposing to a girl

One of the best marriage proposal ideas is to propose to a girl in her own language. If you have a Japanese girlfriend and the time has come, please try to use the following phrases. *We have made literal English translations for the sake of easy understanding. Please utilize them just for understanding the meaning […]

How to Speak Japanese

Emotional Adjectives : How to Express Your Feelings in Japanese


It is said that Japanese people are shy and not good at expressing their feelings. However, Japanese language has various emotional adjectives. The followings are basic ones. Let’s learn them and express your feelings in Japanese. *() means (formal) or  (casual / formal)  14 Emotional Adjectives: Try to Express Your feelings in Japanese  Positive Feelings […]