How to Speak Japanese

How to Speak Japanese

Complete Explanation: What Does おつかれさま Mean?

Japanese Phrase: Otsukaresama

One of the most difficult aspects when it comes to learning Japanese is to understand phrases which your language does not have an equivalent to. Since there is no perfect translation, you have to learn them by knowing the context in Japanese. A typical phrase is おつかれさま. This is a very practical phrase and can […]

How to Speak Japanese

14 Romantic Phrases: How to Propose to a Girl in Japanese

Man proposing to a girl

One of the best marriage proposal ideas is to propose to a girl in her own language. If you have a Japanese girlfriend and the time has come, please try to use the following phrases. *We have made literal English translations for the sake of easy understanding. Please utilize them just for understanding the meaning […]

How to Speak Japanese

Emotional Adjectives : How to Express Your Feelings in Japanese


It is said that Japanese people are shy and not good at expressing their feelings. However, Japanese language has various emotional adjectives. The followings are basic ones. Let’s learn them and express your feelings in Japanese. *() means (formal) or  (casual / formal)  14 Emotional Adjectives: Try to Express Your feelings in Japanese  Positive Feelings […]

How to Speak Japanese

Japanese Phrase Book: 18 Phrases All Japanese Beginners Should Know

Picture showing classroom

When you have difficulty in understanding something, you don’t have to hesitate to ask it at all.  If you just nod, people may consider that you can understand what they say. Let’s ask using the following Japanese phrasebook when necessary.  Japanese Phrase Book for When You’re in Trouble Making Requests  (ゆっくり / 少すこしゆっくり / もっとゆっくり […]

How to Speak Japanese

Japanese Greetings: 30 Phrases You Need to Know

Person taking a bow

As the Japanese saying goes “Start with a bow and end with a bow”, Japanese people regard being polite and expressing it by greetings as very important. Let’s learn key phrases here!  *() shows Keigo (polite form). Japanese Greetings for Various Situations Daily Japanese Greetings おはよう(ございます)。 Good morning. こんにちは。 Good afternoon. こんばんは。 Good evening. おやすみ(なさい)。 […]

How to Speak Japanese

Japanese Expressions: Learn Real Japanese from Manga for Free

Thumbnail: Cartoonists

Do you like Japanese manga? There are several popular ones in the world such as ONE PIECE, NARUTO and BLEACH. Yet, such well-known ones were initially unknown when they were just published. In Japan, there are tens of thousands of cartoonists who are writing manga with the hope of being popular like ONE PIECE and […]

How to Speak Japanese

For Your Japanese Speech; Imitate Great Speakers II


*The target readers are those who are going to make a Japanese speech or presentation This article is a continuation of “For your Japanese Script; Imitate Great Speakers”. As we mentioned in the previous article, imitating native speakers is one of the best ways to make your Japanese speech sound as natural as possible. It […]

How to Speak Japanese

Big Key for Your Japanese Speech; 間 (Ma) Timing


Do you feel a little nervous about making your Japanese speech Don’t worry! You can look confident and enjoy public speaking just by using this technique 間; timing. When people get nervous, they usually speak really fast, avoid eye contact and often feel insecure. When speaking Japanese, it is very important to watch your speed […]

How to Speak Japanese

During a Japanese Speech, With Vs Without Your Script

Thumbnail: Goat

  Introduction During your Japanese speech, there are two ideas; you read out your script and you speak without your script. I think this has been controversial for a long time because both of the propositions are reasonable and understandable. One person says, “If you read out your script, you can prevent yourself from making […]

How to Speak Japanese

With Pictures: How Japanese Body Language Works

Thumbnail: Body Language

According to the 7%-38%-55% Rule stated by Albert Mehrabian, when people receive an ambiguous message, people interpret it by using this criteria with the ratio; words accounts for 7%, tone of voice accounts for 38%, and body language accounts for 55% of that. Also, as this word; poker face indicates, we can identify what you […]