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Everything You Need to Know About Children’s Day in Japan


Similar to America, political correctness has slipped into Japan. The festival once celebrating boys in samurai times (端午の節句) is now Children’s Day (こどもの日.) Boys, however, still take center stage. Samurai helmets (兜) and armor (鎧) are displayed inside. Sailing on spring winds are carp streamers (鯉のぼり.) In Japanese city apartments, sometimes the carp accompany the […]

Japanese Lessons

Secrets to Shopping in Japan


Secrets to shopping in Japan are about to be revealed. Included, too, are a few handy-dandy Japanese phrases pertinent to scooping up your coveted purchases. Here’s the caveat: Tokyo is in the top 20 most expensive cities in the world.The Japanese yen is strong despite the roller coaster ride on the Nikkei stock market. In […]

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10 Plus Japanese Phrases You Need to Know


A gang of Japanese taiko drummers seems to have taken over your chest. Or maybe it’s just a slight flutter of butterfly wings in your stomach. Fear is just excitement in disguise. You are determined to step onto that plane bound for Japan. But wait! How will you communicate? No worries. See below for the […]

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The Truth About Japanese Animal Cafés


The truth about Japanese animal cafés depends on your philosophy about life. The well-being of café critters is a debatable subject. (Employees’ love of their birds, cats, dogs and hedgehogs, however, is uncontested.) Your perception of a café will probably depend on your sensitivity to seeing caged bunnies and clipped-wings birds. Another truth about Japanese […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Hinamatsuri Girl Power


Girl power delivers a mighty punch of pastels and prettiness on March 3rd in Japan. Why? Hinamatsuri. The kanji (Chinese characters) translates to Dolls’ Festival. Hinamatsuri is also referred to as Girls’ Day. Stroll into any department store (mid-February until March 3.) You’ll see Hinamatsuri displays. Entire Imperial Courts are replicated with dolls. Exquisite kimono […]