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27 Phrases: How to Say “I’m Not Feeling Well” in Japanese

A woman who is not feeling well

Even if you pay attention to your condition, it sometimes happens that you don’t feel well. You may need to know how to express your condition in Japanese. *() means (formal) or  (casual / formal) 

24 Japanese Phrases You Should Know When You’re Not Feeling Well

General Expressions of Your Condition

I’m not feeling well.
I’m under the weather.

When it comes to the difference between ぶん and たい調ちょう,  you can figure this out by looking at the Kanji. 気 means “feelings” and is suitable for nausea, dizziness, etc. 体 means “body” and is suitable for headache, stomachache, fever, etc.

Note: Japanese Vocabulary

あい and 調ちょう can be translated as “condition” and be used in the same way; 「調ちょう or あいわるい」 and 「調ちょう or あいくない」. However, they have other meanings and can be used in other contexts. Therefore, we recommend you to memorize the above two phrases for the time being.

Specific Expressions of Your Condition

寒気さむけが(する / します)。
I feel chilly.
I have a stuffy nose.
胸焼むねやけけが(する / します)。むね がムカムカ(する /します)。
I have heartburn.
インフルエンザに(かかった / かかりました)。
I caught the flu.
風邪かぜを(ひいている / ひいています)。
I have a cold.
ねつが(ある / あります)。
I have a fever.
38さんじゅうはちねつが(ある / あります)。
I have a temperature of 38 degrees.
せきが(る / ます)。
I have a cough.
鼻水はなみずが(る / ます)。
I have a runny nose.
が(する / します)。
I feel nauseous.
I’m about to vomit.
めまいが(する / します)。
I feel dizzy.
I have no appetite.
下痢げりをして(いる / います)。
I have diarrhea. 
I have a sore throat.
I have a headache.
I have a stomachache.
I have joint pain.


Making a Request When You’re Not Feeling Well

Is there a place to rest for awhile around here?
Could you give me some medicine? 
Could you call an ambulance?
Could you direct me to the nearest hospital.

When You Get Well

たい調ちょうが)くなって(きた / きました)。
I’m getting better.
たい調ちょうが)く(なった / なりました)。
I got better.
完全かんぜんに(なおった。 / なおりました)。
I’m fully recovered.


We hope that you will never use these phrases. However, when necessary please utilize the above list to express “I’m not feeling well” in Japanese in place. 

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