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For Girls, How to Propose to a Boy in Japanese

A girl proposing to a man

Nowadays it’s not so unusual that a girl proposes to a boy. Especially, Japanese boys are well-known for their shyness. When necessary, please try to use the following phrases to propose to your Japanese boyfriend. *We have made literal English translations for the sake of easy understanding. Please utilize them just for understanding the meaning of the phrases.
St. Valentine’s day on February is the biggest event of the year for the girls in Japan to confess their love to the boys or even propose to their boyfriends. So go for it!

18 Phrases: How a girl proposes to a boy in Japanese

Shall we get married?
I want you to be the last one I love!
I love to say “welcome back home!” to you everyday.
It has to be you.
(Name) にている子供こどもみたい(です)。
I want to have a baby takes after you.
I will give you my whole life.


I love you. Please marry me.
Will you marry me?
I want to share the rest of my life with you. Let’s get married.
Can I be with you forever?
Please let me be your bride.
I want nothing but to be with you.
 I want to hold your hands when we’re old.
I have been wanting to marry you since I met you for the first time.
I will make you happy.
No one will work harder to make you happy more than me.
I think we can enjoy the rest of our life if you marry me.
There may be many ways to be happy in this life, but all I really need is you.


As the saying goes “there is no accounting for tastes”, please try to find a suitable phrase to propose to your Japanese boyfriend. Good luck.

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