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Lesson 4-7: 注文の多い料理店 / The Restaurant That Has Many Orders

Japanese Graded Readers: Fairy Tales and Short Stories with Read-aloud Method

Lesson 4-7: ちゅうもんおおりょうてん / The Restaurant That Has Many Orders

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They applied the medicine to their ears in a hurry and went on the corridor. Next, there was a yellow door. What was written on the yellow door was this;

“Meals will be ready in fifteen minutes. Please drink this water and enter the room.”

“We can eat a meal at last. Let’s drink the water.” “This water is strange. It tastes like vinegar.” “Maybe, people in the restaurant made a mistake.” They drank the water which tasted like vinegar and entered the room. This was written on the back of the yellow door;

“Sorry for so many orders. This is the last order. Please spread salt on your body.”

They found that there was salt at the side of the door. “This sounds strange after all.” “I think so, too.”


Words Types Meanings
すす u-verb  to advance, to go forward, to precede, to go ahead (of) 
  suffix after, later 
む  u-verb to drink, to take (medicine), to gulp
やっと  adverb  at last, at length 
  noun  vinegar 
あじ  noun, na-adjective  flavor, taste 
ちがえる  ru-verb to make a mistake
しお  noun Salt
やはり adverb as expected, after all


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