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Japanese Graded Readers (JLPT N4): 注文の多い料理店 / The Restaurant That Has Many Orders

The Restaurant That Has Many Orders

Japanese Graded Readers: Fairy Tales and Short Stories with Read-aloud Method

Lesson 4-1: ちゅうもんおおりょうてん / The Restaurant That Has Many Orders

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English Translation

One day in winter, there were two young men in the mountain. They had new guns and were with dogs. “This mountain looks strange. There is not a bird nor an animal. I want to use this new gun soon.” “If I kill a big animal by this gun, it should certainly be fun.” While they were talking about these kinds of things, they were walking in the mountain. But, although they walked a lot, they could not find an animal. “I have become hungry, so let’s go home today.” “Yes, let’s.” They decided that they would go down the mountain. But, both of them didn’t remember the way home. They lost their way. When it became evening, the wind became strong and it started snowing, too. Since it became too cold, the dogs ran away somewhere.


Words Types Meanings
じゅう noun gun, rifle 
動物どうぶつ noun animal 
…たい expression  expressing desire 
きっと  adverb  surely, undoubtedly, almost certainly, most likely 
はずだ  expression expressing “should be so”
ながら particle  while, during 
…ても expression  even if, even though 
りる ru-verb to descend, to go down, to come down 
まよ u-verb  to lose one’s way 


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