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Lesson 3-2: ツルの恩返し / The Crane of Gratitude

Japanese Graded Readers: Fairy Tales and Short Stories with Read-aloud Method

Lesson 3-2: ツルの恩返おんがえし / The Crane of Gratitude

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Japanese Script


English Translation

The next night, a young beautiful woman visited his house. It was a night when it snowed a lot and was very cold. The woman wore white clothes. The white snow was on her beautiful black hair. The man was surprised by her beauty. The woman asked the man, “I have lost my way. May I stay here this night?” The man replied quickly, “Sure.” The man decided to let her use the next room. The next morning, when the man got up, the woman was making breakfast. She prepared it for the man. The man had become very happy. And, he thought that he wanted to get married to such a beautiful and kind person. “Please marry me.” “Yes.” They decided to marry.


Words Types Meanings
u-verb to fall 
ru-verb  to wear, to put on 
つく  u-verb  to be attached, to be connected with, to stick 
u-verb  to ask 
かる  u-verb  to understand, to comprehend, to grasp, to see 
まる  u-verb  to stay 
すぐに adverb  instantly, immediately, right away, at once 
 …てもいい expression expressing permission like “may”
結婚けっこん noun. suru verb marriage 


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