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Lesson 3-5: ツルの恩返し / The Crane of Gratitude

Japanese Graded Readers: Fairy Tales and Short Stories with Read-aloud Method

Lesson 3-5: ツルの恩返おんがえし / The Crane of Gratitude

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However, when the man came back home, the woman said, “I got sick. I cannot make the cloth anymore.” The man said, “I want you to make one last piece of cloth. Then, rest for a while.” In the night of the day, the woman started making the last piece. “There will be no other chance to look at the inside of the room, but today.” The man went in front of the room and slowly opened the door. However, the beautiful woman was not there. Who was there was a crane who had almost no feathers. The crane made the cloth by her own feather. “Gosh!” the man was surprised and exclaimed. The crane noticed the man, and then changed her appearance to human body and said, “You promised not to look at the inside of the room…”


Words Types Meanings
びょう noun  illness, disease, sickness 
さい noun  last, end, conclusion, latest 
…しかない  expression have no choice, there is nothing but 
あける  ru-verb  to open, to unwrap 
はね noun  feather, plume, wing 
ほとんど  adverbial noun  mostly, nearly, almost, practically 
がつく  set phrase  to notice, to become aware, to perceive, to realize 
人間にんげん  noun  human being, person, man, mankind  
からだ noun  body 


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