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Lesson 3-3: ツルの恩返し / The Crane of Gratitude

Japanese Graded Readers: Fairy Tales and Short Stories with Read-aloud Method

Lesson 3-3: ツルの恩返おんがえし / The Crane of Gratitude

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English Translation

They were very happy. However, the man didn’t have money. Once in a while, there were days when they could not eat meals. Then, the woman said, “I can make beautiful cloth. How about selling the cloth in a town?” When the woman made the cloth, the man was surprised because it was the most beautiful cloth that he had ever seen. The man went to the town quickly. When the man arrived at the town, he asked a person in a shop, “How much can I sell this cloth for?” Then, the person in the shop was also surprised, “I have never seen such beautiful cloth. Well, I will pay one million yen for this.” The man was surprised again because he usually sold a tree for 10.000 yen.


Words Types Meanings
たまに adverb  occasionally, once in a while 
すると  conjunction  and, then, thereupon, hereupon 
ぬの noun  cloth 
まち  noun  town, block 
…ことが ある / ない  expression  expressing experience 
すぐ na-adjective, adverb  immediately, at once, directly 
まん numeric   ten thousand 
えん  noun  Japanese monetary unit 
また  adverb, conjunction  again, and, also, still (doing something) 


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