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Program: あこがれの職業しょくぎょう Personality: Chiy Chiy

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Title: The Longed-for Occupation Personality: Chiy Chiy
And now, 10th place.10th place, again I thought “what is it?” 10th place is nanny. Nanny, what?*1 (Laughter) Sorry. Yes. Nanny, what on earth is this?*2 This I truly didn’t understand. As expected, I had to check into what this nanny was (laughter). I wondered what kind of thing, what kind of occupation this is. It looks like this job temporarily looks after and takes care of children instead of a parent. It’s a little different from a babysitter; this occupation teaches things like discipline and studying. Yeah, there have been many occupations recently making you think “Um!?” or “Really!?” Yes.

Notes: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary

1. She keeps saying 「ナニーってなに―?」 or “what is a nanny?” This is a pun in Japanese because 「なに―」 and 「ナニー」 have the same pronunciation. Also, she elongates the word 「なに」 for emphasis and to make it sound more like “nanny”.

2. 「なんだこりゃ」 is equivalent to 「なんだこれは」. It has a more casual touch and is a little more emotional of an expression.

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