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Program: あきのイベント Personality: しげ ショウゴ

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Title: Autumn Event Personality: Shige Shōgo
Now it’s finally the start of September. Since yesterday was Sunday, the genuine start for September, we can say it today. How was it for children? If you have children at home, did they wake up on time? I wonder, for those children, if they still have the sense of summer vacation and said things like “huh,isn’t it only 8 o’clock*2”? Now, when it comes to junior high school students there are some schools where from opening today, when the opening ceremony finishes, immediately they do proficiency tests. Until late yesterday, [students said things like] “Ah, I must make up for what I have neglected so far. That break was too much”. There might possibly be those who were studying until late. Now, it’s finally the start of September.

Notes: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary

1. In spoken Japanese particles are sometimes omitted. For example, the sentence 「9がつ本格ほんかくどう、ま、今日きょうからといってもいいでしょう」 has the same meaning as 「9がつ本格ほんかくどう今日きょうからといってもいいでしょう」.

2. 「8はちとん」 is a dialect in Shimabara peninsula and is equivalent to 「8はちじゃん」.

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