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Japanese Lessons: Wasabi Japanese Radio Podcasts 4-3

Program: クリスマス Personality: Chiy Chiy

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Japanese Script

ところで、ねぇ。サンタクロースからのプレゼントって、いつぐらいまでもらえるんですかね、クリスマスプレゼント。ねぇ。もらえるんだったらわたしもまだもらいたいんですけどね。どこにったらいいんだろう。(わらごえ)ねぇ、サンタさんにおねがいするには。ケータイでつながるのかな。うーん。(わらごえ)はい。それでもなんだろう、こう*1なかが、けんが、ザワついてるたのしそうな、こう、イルミネーションで、キラキラ*2 してるっていうね、この時期じきはすっごくなにもなくてもワクワク*3 しますね。はい、なにもなくても、うーん。ただキラキラしてるだけでなんだかワクワクしてしまいます。


English Translation

Title: Christmas Personality: Chiy Chiy
Oh, by the way, I wonder until what age I can get a present from Santa, a Christmas present. If I can get one, I would still like to. I wonder where I should ask, (laughter) hey, in order to ask Santa. I wonder if he’s got a cellphone. Hmm (laughter). Yes. Still, indeed this world, this society seems rowdy and fun. There’s a sparkle*2 in the illumination. This season I get excited*3, even for nothing really. Yes, even nothing. Hmm, even just from the sparkling I get excited somehow.

Notes: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary

1. 「こう」 is a filler phrase such as “let me see” and “well”. It is often used in conversations.

The following words are Japanese onomatopoeias. They each have a unique meaning, so let’s explain them below:

2. 「キラキラ」 indicates something shining, sparkling twinkling, etc. You can see some example images via this google image search.

3. 「わくわく」 indicates a state in which a person is excited or looking forward to something. It is always used in positive expressions.

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