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Japanese Lessons: Wasabi Japanese Radio Podcasts 10-1

Program:おもわぬ来客らいきゃく Personality: 村上隆むらかみりゅう

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Japanese Script

最近さいきんせい動物どうぶつ町中まちなかりてて、がいうっていうかたてきてますね。宮崎みやざきでも、あのー、せいのサルが、ま、町中まちなかで、えー、ま、ひとと、こう、って、ま、それが怪我けがにつながってっていうニュースがあったんですけど、警察けいさつもかなり、あの、人数にんずう投入とうにゅうして、そのさるつかまえようとしてるようですけど、こんいのししなんですって。こちらはおとなりけん*2ですね、大分県おおいたけんです。あの、パークプレス大分おおいたっていう複合ふくごう商業しょうぎょうせつがあるんですけど、そこからいのししはいんではしまわって、ものきゃく怪我けがをしたと119ひゃくじゅうきゅう番通報ばんつうほう*3 がありました。え、警察けいさつによりますと、いのししは、ものきゃくにぶつかるなどして、43よんじゅうさんさい女性じょせいきゃくあしきずって病院びょういんはこばれたほか19じゅうきゅうさい35さんじゅうごさい男性だんせいきゃく二人ふたりが きずったそうです。


English Translation

Title: Unexpected Visitor Personality: Murakami Ryuji*1
Recently, wild animals have been coming into downtown, and there have been injured people turning up. In Miyazaki, there has been news that, um, people have encountered wild monkeys downtown, and this has been connected with injuries. The police have, um, been bringing in a considerable number of people in order to capture these monkeys, but another time there was a wild boar. This was the neighboring prefecture*2, Oita Prefecture. Um, there’s a commercial complex establishment called Park Press Oita. There a wild boar got in and ran around and injured shoppers, and reports were made to 119*3. Um, according to the police, the boar collided with shoppers. A 43-year-old female customer sustained a gash to the leg and was transported to the hospital. Also, two male customers, a 19-year-old and 35-year-old, sustained grazing injuries as well.

Notes: Japanese Grammar and Vocabulary

1. Since he was thinking about what to say while talking, he uses some filler phrases such as 「あのー」, 「ま」, 「えー」, and 「こう」.

2. They were broadcasting this program from Nagasaki prefecture, which is next to Oita prefecture.

3. I.e., Japan’s emergency telephone number

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